Day Eighteen: Hohenwald, TN to Florence, AL

This day could be largely summed up as blue skies and great cycling, biscuits and bacon and eggs for breakfast (thanks, Noel!), some stops at sites that included Meriwether Lewis’s grave, more great cycling and blue skies, many lovely creeks, some hard conversations with my traveling partner about being more present in the moment and not worrying about the plans for eight days from now, laughing with our new friend Carlos, some more great cycling, and then a diversion into Florence, Alabama, where we rode in white-knuckled highway conditions and then had cold drinks at the marina where we were seated by a young guy wearing an NPR t-shirt, followed by getting cleaned up at our hotel and walking downtown for a lovely meal at an amazing bistro named Odette’s that nearly brought us to tears because they had a kale salad AND asparagus on the menu.

Off to Muscle Shoals in the morning to see several studios, and then we are back on the Trace and heading to a cabin at Tishmingo State Park.

12 thoughts on “Day Eighteen: Hohenwald, TN to Florence, AL

  1. Lisa, what was in Odette’s kale salad? We again have signed up for a weekly CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) box of vegetables. This year’s starts up in a couple of weeks. Last year and the year before we got a lot of kale. It seemed too tough for us. Judith ended up steaming it and serving it with a dash of vinegar, as she does with beet greens and chard. Today, BTW, she got some nice looking asparagus at Aldi’s.


  2. Great to see your progress!
    Looking forward to Spoon and a Surly beer when you get back.
    We are leaving for our relatively dinky bike trip on Monday – thanks for the inspiration!

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  3. Ahh!! I wondered if you might get to Hohenwald!! That’s where Sara worked at the Elephant Sanctuary and where Parker was born and then rescued by me. I always thought that town was cute but mysterious. Jodi Picoult’s book Leaving Time was inspired by events in the elephant sanctuary’s history. Because I had the scoop already from Sara, I really enjoyed reading that book. Safe travels.

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    • Linda, I was wondering why the town name seemed so familiar…! Weirdly, there were a lot of promotional brochures where were staying, but there was no mention of the elephant sanctuary.


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