A few days before we leave

We’ve done some long training rides in the last few weeks, including a 58 miler between the family cabin and Lake Park, Minnesota over Memorial Day weekend (my great grandfather settled in Lake Park after migrating from Norway.) Last Saturday we rode the Tour de Pepin, a hilly 72 miler which runs on both sides of the Mississippi around Lake Pepin.

We are getting our legs, bikes and our gear ready for the coming trip to New York. I get really preoccupied right before a trip, trying to make sure we remember to bring everything we’ll need, as well as getting things done on the home front for multiple weeks away.

This trip is a little different in that we begin with a 14 hour drive to Buffalo – we get on I90 and it goes all the way (bless the Interstate Highway system.) The car will be loaded with 4 bikes, 8 panniers and 4 adults, so…cozy. It’s good we are all interesting, funny and easy going.

Our next post will be from New York!

Uncovering great grandfather Esten’s stone – he was born in 1857 in Tolga, Norway
Downtown Lake Park
Pretty flat up in Becker County
The sloughs are amazing – so many birds
The Tour de Pepin
This is the Maiden Rock hill – it is impressive
Lisa and the actual Maiden Rock

3 thoughts on “A few days before we leave

  1. Looks like you two are in fine form and ready to go! Is Lisa sporting flat bars? Hard to tell from the picture. Would love a little run down on bikes and gear along the way or when you get done and feel like a re-cap. Looking forward to following along from a distance and hoping to see you for a minute later in the Summer! peace, pcb

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    • Hi, Paul! Lisa has “butterfly” handlebars – I guess they are more common in Europe, kind of unusual here, but look them up. They are good for touring, as they give you lots of hand/arm positions which is good on an eight hour ride. Hey, looking forward to seeing you this summer!


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