Day Thirteen: Columbus, OH to Zanesville, OH: Uff Da

This will be a short update mostly to let everyone know we are ok. We had a great room in Columbus and it was hard to leave. Exiting a large city by bike can be complicated- lots of navigation, which slows us down.

It was hot and it seemed like the traffic was heavy everywhere. We stopped at a Kroger’s for some supplies, and as I waited with the bikes while Lisa shopped, a lovely woman named Christine stopped to chat. She and her husband are interested in bike travel. She was familiar with the area and told us about a detour that was coming up.

We rode to Granville for lunch at a very Christian sandwich shop which had a poster referring to 400 some “days of tyranny” and asking people to vote out certain local officials. But it was convenient and the sandwiches were good.

Worlds biggest basket building or something

We rode through Newark and saw depressing sights under bridges. Then we left the trail for an absolutely harrowing 19 miles in the sun, along a very busy highway with too small a shoulder and three impressive hills. I wondered if time passes faster when you are working really hard while terrified.

We made it safely and, in our exhaustion, started fretting about today’s ride to Wheeling, WV. It is about 85 miles and we are getting into hills. It is now quite hot – I can hardly remember when we were freezing.

We are ok, though. I’m writing this Saturday morning and we are about ready to begin today’s ride with resolve. Wish us well and we’ll check in at the end of the day, I hope.

11 thoughts on “Day Thirteen: Columbus, OH to Zanesville, OH: Uff Da

  1. Wishing you well. And some fun. This heat is awful, I can’t imagine doing what you are doing. Incredibly impressed. Wonderwoman and Superman!

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  2. Thanks for writing these. Whenever I see an update, I think “oh good” something in my string of emails I look forward to reading: the adventures of Dan and Lisa. I’m glad you had a great room in Columbus. We have a very Christian sandwich shop in Milaca that got reported for employees being maskless in the height of the pandemic. But they also have good sandwiches. Be careful, don’t get overheated, much love and prayers and hopes for good days to you!


    • Debbie- I’ve never believed in God and his son Jesus as much as I have at the end of the last two days. More later, and thanks and love to you


  3. Oh, my gosh I am so anxious to hear about today!!!! Glad you are safe and keep letting us know how things are. The heat is terrible and I worry about you both – much love!!!


    • Hi, Christine – thanks for the tips on the park! Our blog should give you an idea of what this kind of travel can be like.


  4. an and Lisa, I continue to be astounded at your journey. I bike 16-20 miles and feel amazed that I did it. You doing 80 plus (and 100 one day!) blows me away. It is sweet to see Christine who you met has now joined your blogging community! I send loving thoughts (some may call it prayer) each day for your safety and well being. One other kooky question. Do you have names for your bikes? You know how some people name their car or plant? ❤️Jo


    • Oops correction I meant Dan not an!
      I am so glad you got a ride (tow) today. Whew!!! Yes, asking for support is a sign of strength not weakness. Oh your fit bit talking back also cracked me up. You both are so great at writing and sharing your story and love of people and the planet.


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