St. Paul to Chicago, Day 6: Racine to the Mag Mile

Short report is that it was a beautiful day for a ride straight south into the city. Most of the way was on a series of trails including the long Robert McClory trail.

I rode through the posh suburbs north of here, Lake Forest, Winnetka, and right by/through Ravinia. The recorded announcements at the train stations all mentioned special arrangements related to Lollapalooza.

I stopped in Evanston near the Northwestern campus for lunch and connected to the Lakefront Trail about 2:00 and looked longingly at the many beaches. I tried to get to one but heavy bikes in sand just don’t work.

I pulled into the hotel a little after 3:00 and was welcomed by two lovely Irish girls who were working here for the summer.

We have a nice room from which we can see the lake. And I’m cleaned up and waiting for Lisa to arrive.

I have to thank the states of Wisconsin and Illinois for developing all these trails that so many people use. I was especially impressed today by so many people and dogs out for walks and bike rides.

Lisa is here and I’m signing out. Thanks for following!

8 thoughts on “St. Paul to Chicago, Day 6: Racine to the Mag Mile

  1. FABULOUS!! You made it! Have so much fun together in chi town. Who is playing at Lalapalooza? When we were there we saw Santana. What a fun time!


    • Hi Kathy – we’re going to see Janelle Monae, Maggie Rogers, Tame Impala, Bishop Briggs, and a Band called The Nude Party. We only have tickets for Friday and are going to Steppenwolf Theater on Saturday for Sam Shepard’s “True West.”


  2. Well done, Dan!
    I believe, as is now demonstrated by many communities in North America and in Europe, that the development of bike trails, separate from roads, is a low cost transportation and recreation alternative. Particularly in urban and suburban areas, they offer sensible commuting alternatives. I can travel Luxembourg to Stuttgart (380 km) riding 80% on bike trails

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    • If you go to the calendar and back up to May 20, 2018, you can read it in chronological order – we took turns on that one – thanks for reading, Pete!


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