Day Two: Frontenac to Winona

So we are warm and dry now after a day of biking in the rain. And in a cheap hotel room … with our bikes. “We are content, and not in a tent,” per my traveling companion. A persistent drizzle in the morning turned into a steady rain in the afternoon and we were cold and fairly miserable before stopping at Adventure Cycle and Ski in Winona to get a spare tube and some other things that we needed. As Dan took care of the bike shop transactions, I found a hotel room as far on the south side of the city as possible….so we are 10 miles short of today’s goal but very very content to be inside.

Even in the rain, it was a beautiful ride. We are following the Mississippi River Trail (“Ten States, One River”) and the bluffs, Lake Pepin, song birds, and trillium peeking through the undergrowth made for a lovely day. Riding on highway 61 is a little unnerving with the many trucks blasting past at high speeds, but part of our route took us on quiet country roads, through wildlife areas managed by the state and the Nature Conservancy.

7 thoughts on “Day Two: Frontenac to Winona

  1. Yay for you getting a hotel room. I pledge to get you one any time you need it on your journey! Sorry you had rain, we were of course dry in the cities even though it was cloudy and grey.

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  2. Glad you found warm refuse in motel as well as hot coffee and eggs! My kind of ‘camping’! Continued good fun, safe biking and thinking of you daily.


  3. Your blog is very interesting to read, Lisa and Dan. I noticed that the comments are for May 22 in the 2 to 3 a.m. range, and it’s still Monday evening in the Twin Cities.


  4. Your first comment “We are content but not in a tent” reminded me of a time that Brian Hill tried tent camping and called it “ The summer of my discount tent.” 🤣🤣Be safe. Stay off of Hwy 61. Geez.


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