All of our possessions for the next month

Some have asked what we are bringing, so here is a picture. From left to right, sleeping bags, tent, pads, tiny camping chairs, clothes (Lisa’s are in the orange stuff sack), maps, technology (including a borrowed solar collector), cook kit and stove, first aid kit, a couple books, bike tools, Clif bars, water bottles, shoes. In the back, our four Thule panniers and a handlebar bag which Lisa will be carrying.

It all fits! This is what a self supported trip looks like.

I’m still pondering long pants – 95% of the trip will be very hot, but the first few evenings may be cool. And will we dine out sometime where I would want to wear long pants? I’ll decide pretty soon. Opinions welcome. Also, what essential item have we forgotten?

8 thoughts on “All of our possessions for the next month

  1. I’m worried there may be bug issues south of St Louis. Zip off shorts/pants may save you from ankle biters! Bon Voyage!


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