Springtime ride around Manhattan

Minnesota was covered in snow for most of the month of April (so, so much snow, which would melt and then turn to ice, which would then be covered in more snow). And that means that we have done little/no biking outside during a time that we expected to be training on Minneapolis and St. Paul trails. So it was lovely to find ourselves in New York City for a long weekend, where it was sunny and warm and everything was blooming.

We had a heady night at Springsteen on Broadway, and another amazing day at the Whitney Museum of American Art and at the play Three Tall Women, and then decided that we wanted to spend the day Sunday biking around Manhattan…and really, truly around the whole island. We rented bikes at pier 78 and headed south early Sunday afternoon for a trip that’s about 32 miles on the map; after getting lost and making an extra trip to get the bikes back to a store at another location, we probably rode closer to 40 miles on the Hudson River Greenway, Manhattan Waterfront Greenway, and city streets in Harlem and Midtown.

It was AMAZING to be outside biking, even among the throngs of beautiful, crazy people in New York. And when we got home, we discovered the piles of snow had melted while we were gone…looking forward to getting out for some more training rides in the three remaining weekends before our trip.

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