Day One: St. Paul to Frontenac State Park

This will be brief because we’re tired and in our tent which is cozy so we’ll be sleeping soon. The day was beautiful – great riding and perfect weather. Highlights included a flat tire on Lisa’s bike in Hastings which we repaired pretty quickly, meeting two St. Thomas people (Amanda from my office was working at the place we had lunch), a lovely couple (Beth and Harry) camping next to us who brought cold beers to us when we rolled in and invited us to sit by their fire after we got cleaned up. It was a tough day, longer than expected at about 80 miles, but with a beautiful ending. A few observations: we’ve got to hit the road earlier, it will probably be longer than expected, the worst hill may be in the last mile, and there are beautiful people in this world.

As I was thinking about our ultimate goal late today, I got a little overwhelmed. Then I remembered we were just riding to Frontenac today, not New Orleans. One bite at a time, or baby steps, or some other apropos cliche.